Finished (at last!) Table Runner…

Last month I finally finished my Christmas table runner…


Is this a late finish or a really early one!!

It was a kit that I brought some time ago from The Bramble Patch, a quilt shop not too far from me.

I love how it’s turned out, although I did have a major issue when it came to quilting it…

I hadn’t basted it enough and as a result the whole thing was slipping as I was quilting it.  Unfortunately it was too late by the time I noticed and I had to patch the top together!  Luckily it’s right in the corner and if strategically placed on a shorter(!) table you can’t see it.  Doesn’t stop it from being massively annoying though, I guess you live and learn (again)!!


I had my Letter Box quilt quilted over the Christmas break…


I requested a variegated green thread but left the design to the lady quilting it.  I love the effect, now all I have to do is bind it!!

But of course instead of actually finishing that one I may have started something else!  I’d seen a quilt somewhere using the ‘plus block’ design which I loved.  So I’ve broken into some of my unopened fabric bundles (I may have one or two!) and made a start…

20170320_105402 (2)

I wonder how long it will take me to finish this one!


What are you guys working on?  And dare I ask, how many WIP’s do you have?




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