Murder Mystery QAL Update…



I’m getting on quite well with the Murder Mystery Quilt~A~Long, well the sewing part anyway!  I’m more than a few chapters behind on the story reading!

We’ve completed nine blocks so far:


With blocks eight and nine added to some of the previous blocks:


I’ve managed to use fabric from my stash and have kept it really scrappy so it will be interesting to see how it turns out!  You can see the trail path taking shape.  The beauty of the path being applique is that I could manipulate them to line up correctly.  Although this was slightly easier said than done, especially when I kept forgetting about the seam allowance!!

I notice from the Facebook group that a few people have stopped as they weren’t enjoying the blocks.  I sort of see where they are coming from but having done nine months it would be a shame to stop so close to the end.   Ultimately it’s a fun qal which will produce a fun quilt and you can never have too many quilts right?!

Only another three months remaining and then we’ll see the final layout.  And find out ‘whodunit’…  I best get reading!



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