I’ve finally gotten around to doing some of my ‘Mini Of The Month’ sewing hosted by Sew Hot and designed by Lily Quilts
The idea is you sign up and receive a kit each month containing everything you need (excluding thread and wadding) to complete a Mini Quilt.  This started in July and I’ve only just finished my first Mini!
I added corners onto the back so that it can be used as a wall hanging…
And finished it with cross hatch quilting, which I love, and “proper” binding!


Although I’m not sure if I sewed the binding from the correct side, there’s quite a gap from the edge of the binding which you can see above.
All in all a great Mini project.  I love how it’s turned out.  I was going to say it’s good to have something that you can complete quickly, however I clearly didn’t finish it that quickly!!
Now onto the next three I have in waiting…

One thought on “Mini’s…

  1. Well done on your first mini! For the binding, I've never done it by machine as I find it too hard, I sew the first side on by machine, then hand sew it to the back. I believe you are supposed to sew the binding to the front, then pull it to the back until it sits just a few mm beyond the stitching line, you then stitch in the ditch on the front and it should catch the back. On the back the stitching line would be close to the edge of the binding, but, as I say, too tricky for me!!


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