Sewing Mojo (or lack of it!)…

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I haven’t accomplished an awful lot of sewing recently.  The Summer seemed to knock everything sideways and in the process I seem to have lost my sewing mojo!  I did complete the Fabri-Quilt Block challenge although it did take a bit of a push to do it.  There’s nothing like a deadline to focus the mind!  Also, I didn’t want to let down all of the other fabulous quilters who were taking part.
Talking of the Fabri-Quilt Block, I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to leave me some really lovely, positive and encouraging comments.  It’s means a lot and gives me a real confidence boost.  (I replied to you all via email but a couple of you were no-reply bloggers and I couldn’t locate your email addresses.  But rest assured I received, read and loved your messages, thank you).
I have a few QAL’s that I had signed up for that I am now behind on!  I know once I get stated I’ll be fine but it’s just making that first start!  And knowing that I am behind adds to the pressure, that said they come with monthly tasks not weekly so I know I’ll catch up really!

Untitled Sew Fresh Quilts
So Summer holidays are over, the girls are back at school and the routine should fall back into place and hopefully the sewing.  Except one minor detail, we have a new puppy!   Followers of my space here will know that back in March I lost my dear beloved cocker spaniel Wilson.  It took us a little while to decide what to do going forward but we missed having a dog around the house.  Introducing “Bella”…
…she’s a mad Tibetan Terrier.  So much for calm and routine!
How do you juggle summer and routines, or the lack of them?  And what are your loss of sewing mojo cures?  Maybe you don’t lose it in the first place?!

One thought on “Sewing Mojo (or lack of it!)…

  1. I've definitely lost my sewing mojo from time to time. I'm not sure what the cure was but I think it just reappeared when it was ready. One day something will inspire you and then you'll find yourself in a sewing frenzy! Bella is just gorgeous! She may take up a bit of your time just looking at that cute little face!


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