Bloglovin or Feedly ~ Sponsors & Affiliates…

I’m looking at moving way from Bloglovin and heading over to Feedly.  

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Primarily because I can’t seem to get a Bloglovin app for my Kindle, which is my preferred reading device.  There is plenty of advice out there as to which platform is the best but just as you think you’ve made up your mind someone else changes it for you!  So I’ve set up Feedly and easily copied over the blogs that I currently follow on Bloglovin.  I think I will run both of them for a time (just to make sure I don’t miss anything!) and see how I get on.

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Also on my radar is sponsorship and affiliates.  I’ve approached a few quilt/fabric shops about sponsorship and have also signed up for two affiliate programmes.  I’m only a small blog and I’m not too sure if I am jumping the gun slightly but I figured it certainly would do any harm and I am hoping that these links will grow with me over time.

What are your thoughts and experiences with Bloglovin, Feedly, Sponsorship’s and Affiliates?  

2 thoughts on “Bloglovin or Feedly ~ Sponsors & Affiliates…

  1. I use both Feedly and Bloglovin. I think I am unusual in that regard…. and I am so happy to hear that you're seeking sponsorships! It's exciting to be open to new opportunities — you never know where it will lead you!


  2. When the old Google Reader was taken down, there was a load of hype about Bloglovin', so I joined it and hated it! I then discovered Feedly and abandonned Bloglovin' (that apostrophe at the end annoys me too!). As for sponsorship, I can't even think about that, my blog is far too small so I doubt they'd be interested. i also hate sponsor posts on other people's blogs and wouldn't want to inflict that on my readers!


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