Minis & More…

At the beginning of June (gosh a whole month ago already!) I spotted that Sherri at A Quilting Life was hosting a “Minis & More” monthly parade.  The idea is that each month Sherri advertises a new “Mini” pattern, you then have the month to make said pattern before the grande parade at the beginning of the next month.  


I decided to join in!  

The pattern for June was Sherri’s Summer Star Mini.   I had previously purchased a fab bundle of orange fabric from one of Lily’s Quilts Instagram de-stashes, perfect for a “Mini” project!  

The pattern was really straight forward and I made the whole thing in two evenings – start to finish, pretty good going for me!  I was REALLY pleased with the quilt top, a few of my points didn’t completely match up (being super critical again) but I LOVED the pattern.  

Then came the quilting and binding, this is not my strong point and I’m always really worried that I’m going to ruin the whole thing!  I opted for… yes more straight line quilting and used the backing pulled around for the binding again (one day I will use “proper” binding I promise!).

The parade was on Wednesday just gone.  It was great fun to see all of the different quilts.  I will definitely be making another Mini, they are super quick and very satisfying.  I believe Sherri will be hosting this each month for the foreseeable future so if you fancy joining in I highly recommend it.

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