Busy Busy…

Some of the things I told you about a few weeks ago are starting…

Last week the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers group was launched…

2015 New Quilt Bloggers Group

There are a lot of new members and it’s a great platform for meeting new like minded bloggers and learning a whole host of new things.  I now follow so many different blogs and have spent so much time reading them and getting to know these fab new quilty friends that I haven’t had time to update you all here!

The first task of the Mystery Midnight QAL was also launched…

So I have been busy choosing fabric.  It would appear that I am very indecisive!!  Pile O’ Fabric were offering kits for this quilt-a-long but I took so long trying to decide that the first two sets sold out!  I was trying to see if I could get the fabric here instead of having it shipped over from America (from where both Meadow Mist and Pile O’ Fabric are based).  Seeing as fabric seems to be so expensive it was almost worth paying the shipping as the fabric I liked here was £12 per meter, I’ve obviously got expensive taste!!  Anyway while I was trying to decide, a newsletter from Sew Hot popped into my inbox and they just happened to be having a sale on their Cottage Garden collection by Riley Blake, perfect!  Rebecca from Sew Hot was really helpful converting the US measurements from yards to meters and job done, fabric ordered…

I have to say last week I did feel a little over whelmed.  There were a lot of blogs, Facebook groups, emails comments etc flying around I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up and I’d spend all my time on the laptop seeing what everyone else was doing and not actually doing any sewing myself!!  However, things have started to calm down a bit, either that or I’m just managing it better!  I did sign up for everything after all!!

At the weekend I did find some time to do a little sewing.  My eldest Daughter had requested another cushion for her bedroom!  So fabric ordered and received last week I whipped up this cushion and even had enough left over to make a little lavender heart for her…

Of course my youngest daughter wants another one now as well, so more fabric ordered much to Hubby’s delight!!

I also made some more progress on my current quilting project.  I’ve finished cutting and sewing all of the blocks and after laying it out across my lounge floor to get an idea of the layout, have started sewing together the rows and sashing.  I think the quilt top itself will come together really quickly…

I’m loving the look of this quilt, even if I do say so myself!

So yes busy, busy but all fun things.  Now I’m getting into the swing of things I’m really enjoying it all.  

There’s even more in the pipe line!!

11 thoughts on “Busy Busy…

  1. Nice work Emma, love the look of your current project! i was feeling a little overwhelmed last week too, but things seem to have settled down a bit.


  2. Glad I'm not the only one feeling a bit overwhelmed 🙂 Looks like you are keeping up pretty well though. Love the current project you are working on. Will you have it quilted or will you quilt it yourself?


  3. As a fellow New Quilt Blogger 2015, I also felt a little over whelmed last week with all the new stuff flying around the I am into the swing of things (sort of) and am enjoying seeing so many quilter and bloggers similar to me. I have actually learned quite a bit already which is so rewarding. I love your blog banner and I want to create a gallery on my own blog of the projects I have created.
    Your fabric choices are beautiful! Have a great weekend and looking forward to seeing your blog again!


  4. I'm going to echo the rest of the comments in saying, Yes! Overwhelmed here, too! I'm in the Mystery Quiltalong with you, too, so we'll see each other there along with the New Bloggers. I DO like your layout for the new quilt! Reminds me of bricks with mortar joints.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies


  5. I like your fabric choices. I buy from the US and reckon it's cheaper even with the postage (just means it makes more sense to buy a lot at one time :-). Even if you get hit for the VAT as it comes into the country you still come out ahead.


  6. I'm visiting as part of the New Quilt Bloggers Hop; last year I participated. I blog over at http://www.quiltingmod.com. I can relate to having expensive taste, and taking a while to make fabric selections. I figure it's better to spend extra time contemplating up front instead of not liking my choices after putting in lots of time and effort. The good new about meter to yards is that, since a meter is larger, you wouldn't be short; you'd just spend a little more than necessary. I like that green background color on the quilt top you're assembling.


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