Quilt #4 Completed…

I have, at last, finished my fourth Quilt!  This is for my youngest Daughter…

Having snuck in a few other projects along the way it took a little longer than anticipated, much to my Daughters annoyance!

I pieced together half square triangles using pastel polka dot fabric chosen by my Daughter.  I’ve not made half square triangles before but they came together really easy, especially with the use of the “Quilt In A Day 6½” Triangle Square Up Ruler” (what a mouth full!).

I placed them together to get an idea of a layout…
but then realised that it wasn’t going to be big enough!  So I pieced some plain pink and purple fabric to make some sashing in between the blocks…

I was really pleased with how it looked.  I used the same cream fabric for the backing as I had used on my other Daughters quilt and then used that same backing as the binding (the cheats way!).

For the quilting I did my usual straight line ditch sewing.  I struggle to know how to quilt.  I would like to try free motion quilting but haven’t quite plucked up the courage!  The quilting and binding is definitely my  least favorite part.  I love the cutting, piecing and even the basting part but when it comes to the quilting I dread it!  Maybe I should send them out to be quilted, but is that cheating?

I had more than a few mishaps with this quilt!  I forgot that if you use the backing wrapped around to make the binding you have to leave a 1-1½” gap from the edge when quilting otherwise the quilting will show in the binding edge, first mishap…
When trying to wrap the backing round for the binding it puckered in places, second mishap… 
I completely mucked up the corners (again!) which has resulted in some VERY dodgy sewing to try and fill in two holes, oh dear…
On the plus side it didn’t fall apart in the washing machine!  And my Daughter loves it regardless of the mishaps!!

Oh well, I have to say I’m disappointed but I guess practice makes perfect so onto the next one.  This time I will make and use proper binding and see if I can master those corners!!

Emma xx

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