A Week Of Two Halves…

Last week was full of mixed emotions, a real roller coaster!

First off it was my Birthday, a special Birthday, with a zero at the end.  Okay I turned 40!!  I can’t quite believe it, I certainly don’t feel forty.  That said I have started with the “old peoples” noises when trying to get up off the sofa!!

A few years ago I had mentioned that I would like to see the Northern Lights.  If any of you follow my Pinterest account you will see one of my boards entitled “One Day I Would Like To See…”.  Well last week I saw!  My lovely Hubby completely surprised me and whisked me off to Iceland for four days to see said lights.  He had arranged for the girls to stay at a friends and my time off work.  I’m the organised one not him, so I was a little taken back to say the least!

Iceland is truly unique…

We were really hoping to see the Northern Lights but the weather forecast hadn’t been great and prior to our arrival they hadn’t managed to do the tour for three weeks!  So there were no guarantees! 

Well it would appear we struck lucky…

Truly amazing.  We had such a great time.  I would love to go back in the Summer and see the contrasting landscape and the Mid-Night Sun!


All the pre-excitement of the trip was marred when the week before we went our beloved cocker spaniel Wilson was taken ill.  He hadn’t been too well and they had originally thought it was kennel cough.  When he didn’t improve they x-rayed him only to find out that he actually had an enlarged heart and was suffering heart failure.  He didn’t make it through the weekend.  I was completed devastated.  He was only five years old and it didn’t seem like we had had him five minutes.  

He was my beautiful baby boy and it’s so hard not having him around.  He was taken too soon.  And will be forever missed.

So you see what I mean about a week of two halves!

On-wards and upwards we must go…
Emma xx

2 thoughts on “A Week Of Two Halves…

  1. Awww well a massive happy Birthday – amazing trip and to capture those pics whooo – I hinted for Vegas for my 40th .. i got Krakow & Auschwitz!!! amazing place but!!!
    So very sorry though on your loss, they are so much a family member and leave a big hole, but you will have lovely memories hold them close xx


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