My Belated 2014 Round~Up…

I’ve been meaning to fill you all in with my latest completed projects but once again the time has run away with me!  

I have just been updating my Gallery page and realised that I have actually started and completed quite a few things since our last catch up (okay so that was 4 months ago now but who’s counting!) and that’s a good achievement for me!

When we last caught up I was just planning my next project, my eldest Daughters quilt.  Well I’m pleased to tell you that not only did I start it but I also completed it!

I am sooo pleased with it.  I made it using the “Bright Hopes Block” design, something that I hadn’t tried before.  This involved a lot of cutting and piecing but I really enjoyed doing it.  I can’t quite remember how big it ended up but it was big enough to cover her, just!

In between finishing this quilt I also made some Halloween Bunting…

… just because!

And a table top ironing board…

This was really easy to make.  A piece of wood cut to size by Hubby, some left over wadding and the fabric piece I was kindly given when I took part in the #Di Craft Swap back in June.  This is a really handy addition to my sewing room (aka the conservatory!) as it saves me having to get the big ironing board out and leave it in the way all the time!  It came in really handy when I was cutting and piecing all those blocks for my Daughters quilt.

As Christmas was fast approaching I decided that I wanted to make an Advent Calendar and some new Christmas Stockings.  (Because Christmas isn’t busy enough and at this stage I still hadn’t quite finished my Daughters quilt!).  I brought the calendar panel from Elephant In My Handbag.  

Of course it had to have Owls on it!  It was fairly straight forward to put together.  You simply cut out the pockets and sew them onto the panel background.  I them added some wadding to give it a little extra strength and backed it with some plain cotton sheeting.  Quite an effective outcome me thinks!

I also wanted to make some new Christmas Stockings for everyone…

The fabric was from Emma’s Fabric Studio (a rather fab name!) and the tutorial was from Sew Scrumptious.  They turned out really well, although they were a little on the small size.  However, Santa still managed to fill them!

So all in all a very successful last few sewing months to “2014”.  

I didn’t do any more sewing over the Christmas holidays though, however I did pick up my knitting again.  I’ve completed a few more squares, but am still a long way off that blanket!!

Now that the festivities are over and the girls are back at school my next project is my youngest Daughters quilt.  I was going to do the same style blocks I made for my eldest daughters quilt but right now I’m thinking that I might do HST’s (Half Square Triangles) instead (get me knowing, the terminology!!).   Anyway I haven’t decided yet so watch this space.   That said, judging by my Blogging habits so far, you may have a little while to wait!

Wishing you all a belated Happy New Year.

                                                          Emma xx

2 thoughts on “My Belated 2014 Round~Up…

  1. Hello Emma! Happy New Year! Your finishes at the end of 2014 are fabulous!! I really love the quilt and I adore the owl advent calendar (bit of an owl fan!) and the stockings are great! What a great idea that mini ironing board is, I think I need to make myself one…. another project to go on the ever-growing to make list!! Have a great and very creative 2015!! 🙂 x


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