A Quick Catch Up…

Hello to all you lovely people in Blogger land.  It’s been a while (again) since my last post so I thought that I should pop up and say “Hi“.  

I am yet to start my next project and while I’m not sewing I struggle to know what to tell you all!

I do have some sewing related news though…  I’d been thinking lately about buying myself a new sewing machine.  Mine’s now 15 years old and of the “bog-standard basic” variety!  

Having seen some great machines at The Festival of Quilts last month it got me thinking (much to Hubby’s delight!).  

I’d been having a little look online, although it’s slightly mind boggling as there are so many and a lot of them are really pricey!  You’ve got to remember that I’m still a newbie so I don’t need something that has tonnes of features!  

Anyway yesterday an email dropped into my inbox from Jaycotts advertising a sale on… yes sewing machines.  Well is was obviously meant to be, how could I not take a little look.  

This is the machine I opted for…


It is the Janome XL601 and at the moment they are offering it for sale with a free accessory kit that includes some great quilting bits and pieces.  Perfect, how could I not!!

It is an exciting new purchase and I can’t wait to use it on my next quilt.  Talking of which, my next project is a quilt for my eldest daughter using a mixture of these cupcake and plain cotton fabrics.

I’ve been trying to decide on a pattern as I don’t want to end up making the same style each time (I know I’ve only made one quilt so far, that’s not the point!).  

I think I am going to have a go at the “Bright Hopes Block”…

It looks quite effective, although probably a little fiddly to do I suspect!!  

I’ll be sure to document my progress and let you know how I’m doing.  

Now that the Summer holidays are over and the girls are back at school, normality resumes and that will hopefully include some sewing time!

Emma xx

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