My First Quilt… Completed!

I’ve finished my first ever Quilt, yay!!  

Having completed my quilt top I ordered the batting and backing fabric.  I used a simple plain Sage fabric for the back and ended up using the same for the binding.  The quilt top is so busy that I just wanted plain for the back.

I had a quiet afternoon on Saturday as Hubby had taken the girls shopping!  So I made the most of it and set to cutting my batting and backing fabric ready to piece it all together.

I wasn’t completely on my own, I had my trusty helper…

I then started piecing everything together, using the spray glue and quilting pins as directed…

The backing piece taped to floor to keep it
from moving!

The batting spray glued to the backing

The quilt top spray glued to the batting

And then finally pinning everything together

This part doesn’t do much for the old knees!  I also managed to make the floor a bit sticky, obviously a little over zealous with the spray glue!!

It was then onto the quilting.  I was a bit nervous about this bit, I had to make sure it was going to be neat!  

I just did straight lines and literally followed the grid lines of each block.  I have no idea how people manage to manoeuvre big Quilts through the machine and produce all of their fancy quilting.  I think there were times I was concentrating so hard on doing straight lines on my little lap Quilt I had to remind myself to breathe!  I had a slight panic when my bobbin ran out and everything seemed to get stuck!!  A bit of jiggery pokery and we were on the move again.  I used the backing as the binding so had to be careful not to quilt right up to edge of the quilt top otherwise it would show in the binding section on the back.  As it turned out I didn’t quite sew far enough and as a result the quilting lines didn’t meet the binding line.  Not to worry, I shall know for next time!

Quilting done, binding done and ta dah…

My first Quilt finished, how pleased am I!  There are a few niggely bits if I’m being super critical but on the whole I am really pleased with it.  It was great fun to do and now I have successfully mastered my first Quilt I will just have to make some more!  In fact both my girls have already put their orders in!!

I’m off to The Festival Of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham on Thursday (which I’m really excited about) so I’ll be able to see how the professionals do it!

Emma xx

10 thoughts on “My First Quilt… Completed!

  1. Great job with your first finished quilt! I like to spray baste too, it's so much easier than pinning. It does tend to leave a little stickiness behind though. Oh well, it's worth it!


  2. Congrats on your first quilt. It is adorable. I'm pretty new at this too. I'm having so much fun that my sister has recently jumped on the quilty bandwagon too. Basting can be a bit hard on the knees. I like to get out my two 6' folding tables and tape them together. There are so many great bloggers out there sharing their knowledge. It is a piece of cake to find answers for your questions like what to do if your bobbin runs out mid-line. Enjoy the journey!


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