A Change Of Direction…

Finished Projects…

It’s been quite a successful sewing week this week.  I started the week by completing some projects on my “To Do” list!

Firstly the tie-backs for the “Snug” which I had been promising since we re-decorated the room last October!

I don’t ever use a template when I make tie-backs, I just draw roughly around an existing pair to get the rough shape and size, then tweek them as I go along!  I’ve added some little heart buttons to the ends which I happened to have in my stash.  Yes, I am starting to develop a sewing stash!  I’m always amazed at just how much some people have in their “Stash”.  I guess it takes time to build up and I’m obviously a little impatient!!

Next up, the cushion that my eldest daughter requested for her bedroom a few weeks ago (or maybe months!).

She chose the fabric herself when we were in John Lewis…

I had enough fabric to use front and back this time and also added the little heart and bow to the back, as I now seem to do to all the cushions I make!  I just think it finishes the back off nicely.

My Change Of Heart…

I’ve come to the conclusion this week that I like the free style of being able to just make up my cushions, patch work etc as I go along.  For some reason I simply can not make myself measure, cut a pattern and sew an item of clothing.  I feel really very nervous about it.  It’s completely silly, I know (it’s not exactly life and death) but I need to love what I am doing and I don’t want to be put off to the point that I simply don’t sew anymore.  It’s got to be enjoyable right?  I like the freedom I have when I produce my cushions, bunting etc.  I just make it up as I go along and enjoy the outcome.  I know to most of you what I do is easy, bog-standard, basic sewing, but I like it.  It’s not too daunting.  No pressure, just fun. 

With all that in mind I have decided to embark on the world of Quilting.  Not that I am saying this is easy sewing, far from it.  But I like the cutting and piecing together of the different fabrics.  A little of which I have experienced when I made my patchwork cushions.  

I follow a few Quilting Blogs and the quilts these ladies produce are just stunning.  So much time and work go into them they seem to be a real labour of love.  I like the fact that you can just do a little bit here and there as and when you get the time, which is great if like me you have children, work etc to work around!

There are some great tutorials out there to help me, all of which I will need!

I brought this lovely selection of fabric from The Tabby Cat during the week and no sooner had it arrived, I started cutting…

I got my design idea and tutorial help for my first attempt from Flossie Teacakes who has been very helpful.

I’m really very excited about this new venture.  Hubby despairs of me flitting from one hobby idea to another.  He says I’m very good at staring things but not very good at seeing them through!  My answer to that is you have to try different things to see what you like!

Anyway, we’ll see where this change of direction takes me.  Watch this space…

Emma xx

2 thoughts on “A Change Of Direction…

  1. From Lily's Quilts Small Blog Meet, just stopping by to say hello and see what you're doing…:)
    Changes do some good every so often…And yes, it's definitely good to try new things…
    And if you need help to get motivated to bring projects to completion, you could try a finish-a-long like Kathy host at The Littlest Thistle, it really is good motivation.:) Have fun with your quilting!


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