#DiCraft Swap ~ What I Sent & What I Received…

Last month I entered my first ever Craft Swap.  This is quite an achievement for me as I’ve not been sewing long and have only ever made things for myself and my family (who are obliged to like whatever I make!).  So making something for someone I’ve never meet and a fellow crafter was a little nerve racking! 

What I Sent…

The Craft Swap was organised by Hannah over at Dainty and Ivory.  The recipient of my gifts was Rhiannon at The Sparkly Panda.  By pure chance I already follow Rhiannon’s blog so I had a good idea of what to make for her.

Yep you’ve guessed it a cushion (must be my forté, what can I say!).

One of Rhiannon’s favorite things is Superheros so I brought two different types of superhero themed fabric, cut the squares and made this patchwork cushion cover.

As a little extra I also made a Lavender filled “R” and brought two things a lady must have, hand cream and chocolate!!

Rhiannon seemed very pleased with her pressies and it’s really lovely for me to get such positive feedback from a fellow crafter and someone who is not biased!

What I Received…

I was lucky enough to receive some goodies too.  Mine were sent from a lady called Danielle at Life In The Thrift Lane.  I had some really lovely fabric, lace and doilies to add to my ever growing fabric stash!  A lovely crocheted flower brooch and a fab knitted Owl “mug hug”, how cool!  Danielle obviously did her homework!  And of course some chocolate, which I’m surprised lasted long enough to be photographed!  It was all really lovely and was definitely a “Happy Post Day“!

So it turns out I had nothing to worry about.  The gifts I received were really lovely and thoughtful and the gifts I sent seem to have been very gratefully received.  All in all a very good experience which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I’m glad I took part.  

Thank you to Hannah for organising it.  

Thank you to Danielle for my lovely pressies.  

Thank you to Rhiannon for such positive reviews of my handy work!

Emma xx

4 thoughts on “#DiCraft Swap ~ What I Sent & What I Received…

  1. I am so impressed with the cushion you made, as well as the R and the goodies you sent! Rhiannon got an amazing parcel!
    I also adore what you got sent, and I want that owl tea hug!
    Thank you for taking part!!!!



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