Guilty Sewing Time…

When do you find time to sew?

I always want to be able to go and do some sewing, start another project or finish one more like!!  But with two part time jobs, two children, a husband and a dog to look after how do you fit it all in?  

I try to do my jobs around the house first (don’t mention the ironing) so that I feel less guilty about hiding out in the sewing room, aka our conservatory!  But then feel guilty that I should be doing something with my girls.  That said they are now 12 and 9 so are a little more self-sufficient!  

During the week, by the time everything is done in the evenings I’m usually too tired to start any sewing and curl up in front of the TV instead!  Weekends are normally my best time but if we’re out and about the time has gone and before you know it another week has passed!

I find that I struggle sometimes to actually start sewing but once I’m there I really enjoy it.  Don’t forget it’s still a new hobby for me so maybe I’m not quite as passionate about it yet as some of you are.  It’s not become second nature, give it time! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing it.  As you already know I’ve signed up for my first “Craft Swap” which is great and I had time this afternoon and set to making my gifts.  I’m really pleased with how they turned out and will show you all once I have sent them to my Craft Swap partner  in a few weeks time. 

Maybe little and often is the best way forward?  Try not to attempt too much in one sitting?

How do you manage your sewing time? 

Emma  xx

4 thoughts on “Guilty Sewing Time…

  1. Im on the same boat. I have a mass of fabric that's screaming at me to be turned into something wonderful but I end up doing housework or trying to keep up with my son or my partner … im surprised my sewing machine hasn't reported me for neglect lol.

    I look forward to seeing ur craft swap 🙂


  2. Housework will always be there!! I could tidy and sweep each day but WTP, rather give it one good go a least I can see a reward for my efforts then LOL. have trained hubby to iron!!!!
    I too have a 9 & 12 yr old, but once fed and watered they quite happy doing their own thing, hubby works evenings (great plus point) cutting out tends to be on a Fri/Sat evening in front of TV so still with the family (just grappling in the floor than horizontal on sofa!)
    Put yourself first once in awhile your worth it 🙂


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