Some Completed Projects & Some More "First’s"…

I’ve just realised it’s been almost three weeks since my last post, once again life has passed me by.  You blink and another week has gone, I’m sure they lasted longer when I was younger!

On the plus side you’ll pleased to know that I have managed to get some sewing projects done.

First up I helped Tilly and the Buttons celebrate her new book launch, Love At First Stitch, by joining in with her online party and making the Brigitte Scarf.  This is the first pattern from her new book and nice and straight forward to do.  Everyone posted their pictures on Twitter and it was great to see the different variations and the different way people choose to wear them.

This is me and my take on the Brigitte Scarf…

Someone else who also quite liked it…

Tilly re-tweeted the pictures and even added them to her Pinterest board which is great and lovely to see that other people seemed to like it.  Although my Girls and Hubby “ooh” and “awh” in all the right places when I show them one of my new creations, it’s nice to show off my items to like minded people! 

Next up was my attempt at making a “Tote” bag.  However, I got a little side tracked and tried out my first ever “Zip” and managed to produce this little make-up bag…

Not bad for a first attempt actually.  Although I did have to look at YouTube (again!) to figure out which way around to place the zip before sewing.  I couldn’t quite get my head around it and didn’t really want to end up with a bag I couldn’t open!!  What I have noticed is that I need to pay better attention when cutting the fabric as I probably could have got more of the little birds in the centre of the bag.  Hey ho, noted for next time!

The latest item I have finished is the Tote bag, as promised… 

Made from matching fabric to the make-up bag it was actually quite simple.  I even lined it!  Although pleased with it. I’m thinking of adding some extra bits as it’s a bit plan.  Maybe a pocket on the inside or even the outside?  

My next project…

Last week I signed up for my first ever (yes another sewing first!) Craft Swap.  This is through Hannah at Dainty and Ivory. My Craft Swap partner is Rhiannon from The Sparkly Panda whose Blog I already follow so I have an idea of what to make.  I’ve ordered the materials and although I’m a little nervous I’m also excited and can’t wait to get started.  I don’t know who is going to be making what for me so that’s also exciting to see what arrives!  I don’t know about you but I just love receiving parcels through the post.  I feel pretty confident in the items I have made so far but these have always been just for me or family members who are duty bound to like them!  It’s always different when you are sending one of your very own creations to a complete stranger!  I hope she likes what I make for her. 

Time for me to sign off as once again it’s late, it seems to be the only time I can sit down and write!

Next time I’m on I’ll show you my Craft Swap bits and let you know how I got on!

Night Night

Emma  xx

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