Easter, Old Projects & (More) New Projects…

Well where did that time go? All of a sudden Easter was a week and a half ago and now the girls are back at school. And so the “ground hog day” that is the school run is back in full swing!

We had a lovely few days away in the caravan over the Easter weekend, complete with some lovely sunshine and some rather unusual neighbours…

You’ll be pleased to know that I have now finished two of my on-going projects, the two sewing craft kits from John Lewis that my Girls and Hubby brought for my Birthday.

They’re not my own design, obviously. So is that cheating? I guess it is still a chance to practice both your machine and hand sewing so that’s got to be good, yes? In-fact around the Heart cushion I was required to do “Blanket Stitching”, que another YouTube clip! Yes I’m afraid I’ve not done blanket stitching before and you can probably tell if you look closely enough, they’re not very neat! But actually, that said, it was an easier technique than I had thought and I think it looks quiet effective so I’m glad I gave it a go!

Now that they are done I am free to start some more projects (yes I know, I still haven’t made my top sshh!).

I’ve ordered some fabric to make the “Brigitte Scarf” as per Tilly and the Buttons , I’m hoping it will arrive in time for me to make the scarf and join in with Tilly’s book launch party next week (the 8th of May). 

This should hopefully make a nice summery scarf…

I might have also brought some material to make a “Tote” bag…

I may have to consult the oracle that is YouTube (again) but how hard can it be?!?!

I really need to find where I can buy a little stash of material to have in reserve for these projects that keep popping up! Any suggestions? Fabric can be expensive and I think Hubby may be wising up to the “bing bong” sound my phone makes every-time I make a purchase on eBay!! 

Anyway, I must go. It’s getting late and I need my beauty sleep! If you’re lucky I may have finished my Scarf and Bag by the next time I post (but don’t hold your breath for the top!).

Night night.

Emma  xx

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