My Next Project…

I am just sat here with a glass of “pink” and some Toblerone (I know, naughty but nice!) and thought I should pop online and say “Hi”. Sorry it’s been a little while since my last post! Having completed Mothers Day and the girls Birthdays it was then onto their parties. Of course they now won’t have the same thing on the same day so that was another two weekends taken up and now here we are two weeks later. Needless to say, as a result, I haven’t gotten much sewing done!

I’m still looking for my next project. My girls (and Hubby of course!) bought me two kits from John Lewis for my Birthday…

I thought I had better complete these before I start anything else (don’t forget, I still haven’t made my top yet!!). I’ve made a start on the Hanging Heart, well I’ve taken it out of the packet, and I have had a go at the hand sewing part so that’s a start!

I’ve always fancied making an apron, slightly random I know, so I might investigate patterns to do that. 

Also Tilly and The Buttons is doing a “Make the Brigitte Scarf” session in aid of her new book launch

I would like to give that a go as well!!

What was that, Easter, there’s another weekend gone. Maybe I should just give up work then I would have plenty of sewing time, not so sure Hubby would agree!!

You see, plenty of ideas all I need now is the time… 

Emma  xx

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