Mothers Day, Part 2…

The sun is shining, the birds are singing. My girls appear at the bedroom door, gifts in hand shouting “Happy Mothers Day”. I open my eyes, it’s 6.35AM!!! On a Sunday morning!! Well it is their Birthday as well. Not twins, just exactly three years apart. The eldest is now twelve and the youngest nine, gosh where did that go! So yes they had an ulterior motive. I open my presents (quickly) and then they can open theirs. So who can blame them! And I mustn’t grumble, I had some beautiful cards and presents smiley

My eldest Daughter had announced to Daddy during the week that seeing as it was Mothers Day and their Birthday he would have to do all the work, so we went out for dinner!! A lovely get-together with all the family as a double celebration.

This is when I gave my Mum and Mother-In-Law the gifts I had lovingly handmade. A patchwork cushion each and a Lavender filled letter representing their names. They seemed thrilled with them so that was a relief!smiley 

Seeing as the weather stayed nice all day it meant the children could play football in the garden with the Dad’s whilst us Mum’s relaxed! All in all a really lovely family filled day. xx

Now onto another project, oh what to sew next….

Emma  xx

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