Trying something new…

I’m trying my hand at English Paper Piecing (EPP).

I’ve had a little go at some basic Hexagons….


Not that I’ve actually done anything with them yet!

And now I’ve jumped straight in and brought this one…


The pattern is from Violet Craft, they’ve got great EPP patterns, I might have to try the Owl one next!  And the fabric selection is from Pin It And Stitch

Unlike my first hexagons which I baste by hand sewing, this one I’ve just started and am glue basting.  I like this and it seems much quicker.

I’m using this thread to sew the individual basted pieces together…


It’s good because it’s ‘invisible‘ but it’s Nylon so it’s not the easiest to sew with.  Maybe I should be using something else?

Anyway lets see how I get on, watch this space!!


What are you working?  Trying anything new?

Sew Emma Sews Small Image